Whether you are an occasional visitor, seasonal homeowner, or resident, another thing to love about Lee is that it is a full-service town. Most necessities of life are found here for your convenience. The town boasts two post offices, two supermarkets, a full-service pharmacy, barbershops, beauty parlors, four hardware stores, a florist, six gasoline stations, five banks, a tailor shop, a laundromat, two medical centers, two dentist offices, a veterinarian, and just about every other service you will need, all conveniently located. Oh, and did we mention the more than sixty places to eat or twenty places to lay your head for a good night’s sleep? You will find all this in a friendly little town where people readily greet strangers on the street and hold the door for them as they enter our full range of service establishments. Our neighbor Norman Rockwell loved this place because it so represented the common, yet idyllic America he loved to paint.